Why do we freak out so much about pre-wedding photoshoot?


I’ve honestly wondered why there’s so much ado about pre-wedding photos.

I’ve seen the lengths couples go to have pre-wedding photoshoots, I’ve seen how much some have spent on this needless addition to the entire wedding package.

And I called it needless because that’s really what it is. No one has ever been able to brilliantly justify what purpose pre-wedding photos serve to the wedding plans and the wedding proper.

So I bet you’re thinking “but that’s how you announce your upcoming wedding to people”. The question is what people. Under normal circumstances, everyone who is to attend your wedding would have gotten invites and others would have been told by word-of-mouth, so who needs the photo announcement? It’s clearly not the older generation of family members who don’t even have Instagram and it’s not your friends who you must have called or texted.

Let’s not lie to ourselves! Pre-wedding photos are just for social media serenren. Simple! For bellanaija recognition and whatnot. It feeds the part of our souls that seeks validation from strangers. That’s entirely what I think it is about.

Think about it: You’re going to take so many beautiful, memorable photos at your wedding ceremony and you’ll be spoiled for choice as to which one to enlarge and frame for your living room decoration. At the time of making that decision, I bet you won’t be considering any of those pre-wedding photos. Also, paper photos are almost extinct these days. Most of our photo collection are in a folder on our mobile devices and such. In good time, we’ll delete when we need to free up memory and I bet pre-wedding photos (maybe not all) will be some of the ones you’ll kick off. So again I ask, what’s the point?

While I’ve seen the most beautiful ones that have had me tearyeyed, I’ve also seen some of the most ridiculous ones that have caused me to ask: did you have to do it? The answer is and will always be NO!

What are your thoughts on pre-wedding photos and why do you think they are important at all? School me.


Written by Lush

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