The only way to keep a black man is to allow him have side chicks???



I came across this photo yesterday and just as I was about to start turning tables over in anger, I reminded myself that “wonders do not end”.

I kept my calm and decided to ponder on the words I had just read. “The only way to keep a good black man is to allow him have side chicks”, says a woman who is supposedly in the position to inspire other women.

The tell-all memoir ‘Beyond Love’ was launched on Valentine’s Day and author, Akia Brown uses the book to try to convince women that it’s okay for their husbands to be in romantic relationships with other women. Her non-traditional marriage is working, she’s happily married and she’s trying to make us all understand that the ultimate factor is love.

Everybody needs love so my husband’s love should be “shared abroad” to other women? It’s quite confusing how this sort of advice is coming from a woman. But you know what they say about different strokes for different folks so I think whatever rocks everyone’s boat is fine.

So let’s talk about it, ladies. Can you keep an open relationship/marriage? Is your man allowed to be in love with other women and you at the same time? Are your partner’s side chicks your friends? Drop your comments.

Written by Lush

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