The major lesson to learn from Mercy Aigbe’s marriage crash story


It’s been a whole week since the news of the end of Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe-Gentry’s marriage broke.

From Day 1, when I first caught wind of the story, I dismissed it as a rumour. I just assumed bloggers were up to their tricks again and soon enough, Mercy Aigbe would publicly dispel the rumours. But that was not the case.

In less than 48 hours, I had seen more details, more photos all pointing to one thing. For a fact, this seven-year marriage was indeed over. I genuinely did not know what to think or do. I do not know Mercy Aigbe personally but I admire her acting prowess and her free spirit, judging from her social media appearance.

It was hard to swallow the fact that this beautiful, happy woman had been a victim of domestic abuse for as long as one can imagine in her marriage, a marriage that was frequently touted on social media as blissful and awesome. A marriage some people looked up to as goals. It’s confusing, really.

It’s confusing how women can put up a facade of happiness when in fact, they were facing hell. Not to be insensitive in any way, but do you not agree that Mercy Aigbe should have raised an alarm earlier? Shouldn’t she have called this man out from when he started hitting her? What if this last time was worse than it is? It’s a scary story that we all should learn from.mercy a

Domestic violence is real in marriages and the only way to save ourselves is to speak out against the abuser. Just so you know how pathetic this story was, Mercy Aigbe’s husband and alleged abuser, Lanre Gentry was full of so much guts, he publicly denied all the claims, asked if she would have stayed in the house as him if he actually beat her then made matters worse by saying she has mental issues. Like the man went to the deepest levels of low just so he could save his face and further drag his wife into the victim hole.

That is very unacceptable behaviour and I think the mental problem accusations was the last straw for Mercy as it wasn’t until then she responded and called him a liar.

She must be in a really bad place now and I hope she finds the strength to get back on her feet but it will be nice for us all to learn from her story. It’s best for women to speak out as soon as they find themselves in this situation. If the man can be counseled out of it, then good for both of you.

This advice, however does not apply to younger ladies whose boyfriends abuse them. If you’re one of those, you’re just plain foolish. He’s just a boyfriend and should cease to be called that once he raises his hand to hit you. No other way to go about it.


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