Stop the world! Beyonce and Jay Z’s twins have arrived


The world’s most popular twins have dropped!

Queen Bey has finally given birth to her second and third children after weeks of speculations and rumours surrounding her labour and delivery.

Believe me when I say I finally get to heave a sigh of relief now that it”s confirmed that the babies have arrived. For the past few days, we’ve been treated to all sorts of speculations and you know how Americans get with their superstars. It was almost like the world was monitoring Beyonce’s every move.

It had me thinking at the time about how we as Nigerians are culturally apart from the West. It’s shocking how people can flaunt their pregnancies, baby bumps and get away with it. I’m sure you can guess where I’m going with this…

Save for a few ladies, especially the younger folk, who defy all instructions and tradition and put their baby bump for all to see on Instagram, the rest of us Nigerian women would rather keep our very obvious secret for as long as possible. If you begin to reason otherwise, trust your Nigerian parents, mum especially, to knock some sense into your head.

It’s just not our way to show off such God’s blessings until it is perfected by delivery. When these Westerners do it and get away with it, I ask myself “why?”. I’m yet to come up with a cogent explanation for how it looks like the ladies over there are not prone to spiritual attacks (or is that not why they always ask us to hide our pregnancies?).

I’ll save the rest of my thoughts for later. Let’s take time to gush over Beyonce and her babies. We do not know their sexes or the names they will be called yet but if you think about Blue Ivy, you might get a slight idea of what’s to come. How many staff do you think the Carters have employed to nurse these babies? Will Beyonce be making new music anytime soon? How long will it take her to get back in shape? etc. I have so many questions, LOL!

Any answers, lovelies? Let’s talk about this.

Written by Lush

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