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Hello Lush! I’m a 21 year old student in my 3rd year in university. I am currently in a relationship with a 35 year old guy who I love although things are becoming confusing lately.
He loves me and I can tell, he gives me everything I request without questions but is overly possessive of me too. He says we’ll get married once I’m through with schooling and I’m worried about this because I believe I’m too young to get myself tied up with a man.

Meanwhile, I recently met a young guy who is a youth corper, he lives in Lagos and I in Abuja, we met once when I was in Lagos and I really like him. He’s young, focused and promising although he survives on his NYSC allowee at the moment. I’m confused about whether to stay with the older guy and give up my dreams and youthful fun or go for the young but broke corper who I already have feelings for. Please advice.

Hey Lush, I think I have a very big problem. I’m a 30 year old guy in a relationship with this beautiful lady who is everything a man would want. We love each other but we have our dark days and I don’t mind. I told her to promise me she won’t cheat on me and she made that promise and since then, she has kept less male friends even. But me, I can’t stop cheating on her o.

She’s not based in Lagos so we see once in a while and that’s the best opportunity for me to bring home all my Instagram babes and ex-girlfriends who can’t let go because I give good sex.
I’m scared my girlfriend will find out and leave me, but the pleasure I derive from the other babes is equally important since I’m not married. I want to keep enjoying my life but I feel guilty whenever I see her. Help me pls.

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