Random Thoughts


1.  This was me thinking about my life when I stumbled on Sparkles Blog Facebook Page last week. I heard an audio about two friends. Women, we have too much wahala sha! These two ladies were best of friends before things went south between them and instead of them to keep their mouths shut and go separate ways. They started bad mouthing themselves, cursing themselves even exposing their secrets to the whole world. The gist just tire me. Why can’t women be our sister’s keepers?

2.   I bet Jennifer Aniston is somewhere laughing at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

This world sef… I really wish they stayed married. Everyone seems to be talking about their ongoing divorce. Why don’t marriages last sef?.. especially oyinbo marriages? At least, we know the number one factor [money] that causes issues in marriages isn’t a problem to them. What’s the cause of their divorce gan gan? I also read that Angelina wants custody of their six children! Wow… She must a #SuperWoman

3.   The inflation rate in Nigeria must be 250% now. The price of rice in Nigeria is alarming. Kilode? My mum bought a bag of rice for N26,000 last week Saturday. Wetin na? Baba God please help your people.

I’m almost certain Companies will not be giving out Rice this year’s Christmas

The company I was working before use to give us 50 kg bag of rice, a cartoon of juice and 5 litres of vegetable oil. I’m so sure my ex collegues won’t be getting any of that in this #BuhariTimes.

4.   Why do people feel they can just walk all over you and you won’t talk? And when you talk you become their enemy all of a sudden ?

5.  Am I the only one loving Adekunle Gold and Simi’s No Forget Song. I play it at least 6 times a day.

6. Can a cheat ever stop being a cheat? Please don’t shoot me… I’m only asking a question!

Just thought I should share my thoughts with you guys.

Enjoy the rest of your afternoon.

xoxo.. Lush

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I'm Faderera aka Lush. I've been called Lush since my Uni days by my friends. I'm new to blogging. I love writing about Life, Love, Relationships and Marriage. I have a degree in Business Information Technology. I currently work as a Test Lead for a Software House. I'm married and I have a daughter. I often call her #MyYumYum

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