On Becoming: A Review of Toke Makinwa’s Memoir


Have you heard about the latest book in town? Toke Makinwa’s autobiography On Becoming was released on the 27th of November, 2016 and is already one of the most talked about books in town. For those who may not know, Toke Makinwa is an On Air Personality who co-hosts The Morning Drive with the radio station Rhythm F.M.

I know you are wondering, What is it about Toke Makinwa’s memoir that makes it so interesting? Well, you are about to find out! Her autobiography sold out in bookstores and in less than a week, is among the top ten best-released books on Amazon! Why? Because she poured out her heart in her memoir, no holds barred! All the details of her personal life was written freely for the reader to marvel at and wish she could hold Toke and comfort her. There are very few memoirs that are written in that manner.

Toke’s style of writing appeals to the gossip within most of us, as we all wish to know the tiniest details of our favourite celebrities’ lives: how they grew up, what they like, and best of all, all the sordid details of their lives. Toke sure did not disappoint the gossip lurking within her readers.

I am of the opinion that she published her memoir in an attempt to get back at her estranged hubby for humiliating her with the scandal that nearly brought her to her knees last year. Toke did not spare her ex-husband, Maje Ayida in her memoir as she recounted how he infected her with an STI. I could feel the bitterness in her as she penned the book. For an autobiography, Toke devoted an inordinate amount of time on her ex-husband. One or two chapters would have sufficed.

I almost shed tears as I read her narrative on how her parents were burnt to death. Toke wrote it in a poignant manner and she succeeded in making her readers empathize with the young girl that she was as she watched her parents burn to death.

Her memoir left out inspirational advice on how to rise to fame and how she actually succeeded in her chosen career. I was a tad disappointed about that and if I had the opportunity to meet her in person, I would gently suggest to her that she include that in the next memoir she intends to write. Or in a movie on her life, if that ever happens.

Toke wrote beautifully in her book about how Maje wowed her with romantic gestures but I was pained at how she managed to put up with all the cheating, disrespect and basically emotional abuse for so long before she decided she had had enough and separated from her husband. I almost felt like shaking her back to her senses: so great was my disappointment in the woman that she was. However, I was impressed with how she managed to go about her job amidst the scandal that nearly brought her to her knees last year. It shows a great deal of emotional strength, which many people lack.

Would I recommend her book to someone? I would to a person who wishes to while away time and shiver deliciously at the sordid details in the book. And of course, I would also recommend it to a person I want to warn about the lack of wisdom in loving a man without taking into consideration how he treats you. Definitely, the memoir buttresses all what I try to write about in my blog, teaching people to make wiser choices in relationships and not ignore the writing on the wall.

However, I won’t recommend it to someone looking for a motivational story, something Ben Carson-esque or Oprah Winfrey-esque. Why won’t I? Because Toke mentioned Maje’s name 378 times in her book and her growing career, just twice!

Toke succeeded in making her memoir all about Maje, his misdeeds, his many women, and not about her life. Maje couldn’t have done better if he had decided to write a story about his life.

A well-written book, guaranteed to titillate you and make you realize that one can bounce back from the harshest of emotional adversity so long as she has faith in God!

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  1. First timer here, just finished the book and I honestly don’t think it is an autobiography, I like that it spoke to the reality of so many relationships and I think it should have been titled “Unbecoming” to match the fact that she lost her self over a crazy relationship.

    I felt the brief story of her life were inserted after the first draft when it seems she focused too much on Maje. Great read in all but it should be published as her side of the story and not an autobiography as I learned nothing about her rise to fame or anything personal other than her crazy roller coaster of a relationship with her ex. Definitely a must read for young ladies.

  2. I will go with the other person’s comment up there. The story is one sided, and Maje has actually kept mum over it. I know for a fact they met at a boat club. At that age of Toke, one might wonder what a teenager was doing at such a place. I guess the book will make a good income for her.

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