Men are scum. Women are scum too


We do not intend to downplay the widely-accepted notion “Men are scum”. Neither do we want to shove “Women are scum” down any throat.

In recent months, Twitter has been awash with the Men are scum mantra and men have been forced to accept that indeed, they are scum. The testimonies and shared experiences from women are out there and they’re almost undeniable.

If you were some sort of human creature who had no prior knowledge of your immediate society and was just awakened to current happenings in the world, you’d naturally want to avoid that group of people called “MEN”.

They cheat, they lie, they pretend, they’re insensitive, they’re emotionless, they rob women of joy, they’re demons and in fact, if you were faced with a man and a snake and you’re able to kill only one of both, you’d do yourself a great deal of good by killing the man and sparing the snake.


But their female counterparts? Women? They’re angels, harmless, tender, soft, faithful, loyal, amazing, God-like.
That’s what they make us believe. But that’s far from the truth.

Here’s what the truth is: Women are just as scum as men. They are all the things that men are and maybe with a little extra, but we won’t push it.

Recently, we came across the story of a married woman who says she enjoys and prefers having sex with her male colleague. She vividly described their sexual activities and all the things he does to her that her husband can’t do. No, scratch that. Things that her husband aren’t doing because she has failed to communicate her desires to him but would rather satisfy herself with another man, who is equally married. A classic case of scum meets scum.

For the younger folk, we’ve heard and read stories of undergraduates who stick with their abusive boyfriends for reasons including but not restricted to, “he buys me everything I need and pays my bills”, he satisfies me in bed and doesn’t cheat on me”, “he drives the best car on campus and my friends respect me for dating a big boy”, etc. But he also beats you at will and you don’t think you should leave? Never seen a bigger scum than you then.

These are some of the stories that we many times refuse to amplify maybe because we’re trying to protect the image of the female folk or we just assume they are nothing compared to what men have brought to the table when it comes to “scum” matters. But these stories are real and their effects are harmful to all of us women.

We need to come together as a society to deal with these real, pathetic issues rather than continue to spread a rhetoric that’s just senseless. So this is not us trying to attack women, it’s just an attempt to broaden perspectives; the issues are deeper than we think and we need to come together to deal with them urgently.

Written by Lush

I'm Faderera aka Lush. I've been called Lush since my Uni days by my friends. I'm new to blogging. I love writing about Life, Love, Relationships and Marriage. I have a degree in Business Information Technology. I currently work as a Test Lead for a Software House. I'm married and I have a daughter. I often call her #MyYumYum

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