Ladies, how often do you wash your bra?



I’m too sure some of you are wondering why this is even a valid question to ask on a Monday morning. Pardon me, the gods revealed to me via social media that this has been a burning debate for a while and I’m here wondering how I missed it.

So the bra shenanigans go from “how often do you wash your bra?” to “should you even wash your bra?” to “omg, I had no idea bras were meant to be washed” to the most ridiculous “wear your bra once and dispose it”.

I questioned a few friends and colleagues to know their bra routine and to be frank, I was schooled.

The responses went like:

I wash my bra once in two weeks, I don’t want it tanking in the middle from too much hand washing

Bras are expensive and I don’t replace mine too often so I wash after about 6/7 wears to prevent them from fading or wearing out

There was a guy in our midst the whole time. His comment was: “You ladies are gross, I now totally feel weird about my girlfriend’s boobs“. Well, I can’t help you.

The third lady said, “For me, it depends on the type of day I’ve had and activities I’ve carried out. If I’ve had a tedious and sweaty day, I will surely wash my bra after pulling it off”.

After all said, there is no hard-and-fast rule to bra care. It’s a delicate underwear that has higher tendencies of weakening if not properly handled. So washing too often may actually weaken the elastic in your bra and shorten its life span.

Good Housekeeping Institute’s Lexie Sachs says every 10 days, or three to four wears, is enough. But this suggestion utterly depends on your and your preference.

So ladies, I’d love to read your comments.


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