“He beats me but gives me everything I need”| 5 crazy things we’ve heard women say


In a world where you try to keep to yourself jejely and avoid societal drama, you realise that social media is the place where shit actually goes down.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to retain sanity in this life is to stay off social media. See, in the last few days, I’ve read some things on the internet that make want to do that arm work where you sweep everything off a table then flip the table over in anger, like they do in movies.

My questions always go like, “are these people real?”, “are these actual comments made by women or they are just made up?”, “how did these women grow up to become what they are?”. As always, I hardly get any answers.

So I thought to myself, “it is not good that I’ll be angry alone, let me share some of these wonders with you guys”.

Read and react as you please:

1. This lady is attracted to “men of God” and has successfully slept with 13 of them. She says having sex with “pastors” takes her closer to God. She gets horny when she watches pastors preach and has a target to get with another four before the year runs out.

2. Now this one is confused about the man she’s dating. He buys her the choicest of gifts, promises to take her to Dubai to buy her an engagement ring of her choice, pays her 200 thousand naira per month for just being his girlfriend and he never cheats n Good stuff! Oh, one more thing. He beats her frequently too. He hits her at will. But she admits she can be rude to him atimes so the beating can somehow be justified.

3. This one is excited about her new life. She has given her life over to Christ and has even won 12 souls for the Lord but has had two abortions for her boyfriend and is considering getting pregnant for him as a means of “tying him down”. She’s worried about losing him when he finds out she slept with his father when she was in the world. Wawuu!

4. This girl could not sleep or eat after she received the news of Banky W’s engagement to actress, Adesua Etomi. She told her family that Banky did not approach her because she isn’t pretty and fair-skinned enough so she called a friend to request for bleaching cream. Her sister reported that she’s down and waiting for Banky W to announce that the engagement was a prank.

This finally one should have you where I am at the moment…

5. This 30 year old lives with her younger sister who got married two years ago. The situation now is that she’s crazy in love with her sister’s husband for reasons such as: “he buys my sister gifts”, “he takes her to Dubai”, “he pumps money into my sister’s life”. She didn’t stop at the feelings but she successfully got him into her bed and now she’s pregnant for him and bent on keeping the baby. Her sister can go to hell for all she cares, she’s going to have a baby for her husband.

Did I succeed in getting anyone riled up? What is happening to a fraction of the female folk?

Written by Lush

I'm Faderera aka Lush. I've been called Lush since my Uni days by my friends. I'm new to blogging. I love writing about Life, Love, Relationships and Marriage. I have a degree in Business Information Technology. I currently work as a Test Lead for a Software House. I'm married and I have a daughter. I often call her #MyYumYum

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