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On the 13th of August, 2014, I gave birth to the little miss on the right. She was 38+5 weeks. My labour started at about 10.20 am, I had no idea I was In labour, then It started becoming more intense, At about 12pm, It started happening every 10mins, then I knew this was it.

I called my mum who was on her way to Mile 12 market to come back home. My mum was busy asking me Kilode? What happened? I’m just told her mummy, ma yin ja o. [I will fight with you oh! ] She understood immediately and made her way back home. My big mum was home, she offered me some rice and Malta Guinness (the amount of Malta Guinness I had during Kayla’s pregnancy ehn!).

I ate my rice slowly, then I called my consultant, He said to make my way to the hospital. I couldn’t finish eating the rice as the contractions started happening everything 4 mins. I was busy timing the contractions on my phone with one contractions app.

Then I called my hubby, he was at work in London. I told him I’m going to the hospital to have Kayla [Yes, we named her already before we had her] His response Babe, I’m sorry I couldn’t witness it but I will leave here tonight. [in my mind I said …Iwo jebi…. I was so pissed he wasn’t around] My mum calmed me down, We got to the hospital, I was smiling. I met a colleague’s wife there… She was trying to gist with me… Please who gists with a woman in labour? … Lol

Doctor checked and she was so surprised I was already 7cm dilated and I was that calm. She walked me upstairs [Yes.. No lift] herself and told them to get me in a delivery room ASAP. It was about 2pm. We were told they have only delivery room and it’s being used. I was still calm. I was very calm during Kayla’s pregnancy, my colleagues at Interswitch Limited always said Fade, you should get pregnant always… Who knew you could ever be this calm and nice… Lol

So, they put me in another room to wait for them to clean up and prep the delivery room. My water didn’t break so I didn’t experience that. A male doctor came poked his hands inside me and broke the water. It was boiling hot water, I couldn’t phantom I was carrying just hot water around and I didn’t know… I guess that’s why prem babies are put in incubators.

My mum was trying to record everything, I told her to but at some point. She couldn’t continue recording it as the pains were more intense and she couldn’t stand iseeing me in so much pain.

Around 3pm, I was called to come into the delivery room. Then we started waiting for small madam to make her grand appearance. At this time, I was asking for all sorts! Epidural, Gas, Spinal. They didn’t have Gas, I was told they couldn’t epidural or Spinal as it would affect Kayla. I might give birth to her sleeping and they might not be able to resuscitate her…. Fear catch me. Then I start speaking in British Accent. I remember some nurses came in to look at who was speaking British English in the hospital. It was hilarious.

While I was in pains, I was still very lively, I made jokes with my mum. I remember telling the midwife to constantly rub my back, I said “Aunty, please rub my back, mummy isn’t rubbing it well.” Bless her, she was really nice. She rubbed it till I told her not to stop.

Then when it was about 4pm. I was contracting every 1.5 mins and I was 9cm dilate. This minute I wanted to go for a walk, next minute I wanted to Poop… next minute I wanted to puke. I was technically all shades of messed up.

Bless my mum… She told the midwife to give me Syntocinon drip that it would help with the dilation. As soon as the drip was passed into my blood. Goodness, I could feel the contents crawl up my hands and I yanked it off. My midwife emphasised why I needed the drip and she inserted the drip back in my vein and she even promised me I’d have my baby before 4.30pm. I looked at the time, it was 4.17pm. I was like…. is this woman on crack?

Low and behold at around 4.25pm I felt the urge the push and I told her. Then she said Push… Stupid me, guess what I did? I shut my laps while my baby’s head was coming. My mum pulled one lap and the midwife pulled the other lap and I saw she held up a pair of scissors.Before I knew it she had cut me! Then I asked her. Did you cut me? She said yes. I told her I didn’t feel a thing. She smiled and said your baby is coming. Then the urge to push came again. I push just twice and she was out. The time was 4.29pm.

Goodness, my midwife placed her on my stomach and I tried to carry her up just because I wanted to see her face but I couldn’t. She was very slippery and I didn’t have the energy to carry a slippery baby.

I simply ran my palm through her hair and skin then I heard can I carry her now. I said yes, that moment the midwife separated us. She cut the umbilical cord and I heard my baby cry for the first time. Then I asked my mum, Mummy why is she crying? [I knew I was expecting a girl so I didn’t ask for her sex]. My mum smiled and said she has to cry. She’s a living baby. Kayla weighed a whopping 3.86kg at birth.

Then my mum dropped to floor to Thank God. Her only child had just given birth. She’s no longer olo mo kan [A woman that has only one child] While #MyYumYum was been cleaned, I was been cleaned also [Getting the placenta out and sewing my cut.]

I cried uncontrollably seeing her first time. I don’t know why I cried that much but I so much cried. During this time my mum was busy taking pictures of her granddaughter. I gave birth to my daughter at Lagoon Hospitals, Ikeja.  and overall. I’d give them 7 out of 10 for the delivery.

Bottom Line

  • Always ask questions if you don’t understand! They will look at you one kind but sha ask. The answer is what you need
  • Have someone that knows this stuffs with you. I had my mum by my side and if she didn’t request for Syntocinon I will probably be there in pains for a longer period.
  • Have a birth plan although they do not really follow such in Nigeria and If you want any anaesthetic. It’s best to inform your consultant/midwife before delivery date [I didn’t have one and I wish I had requested for epidural beforehand. The pain was out of this world]
  • Do you research well, pick a good hospital. Don’t pick a hospital because of it’s name. It matters a lot.

If you want to share your birth stories, please send me an email. or comment below.

Thanks for reading.
xoxo….. Lush


Written by Lush

I'm Faderera aka Lush. I've been called Lush since my Uni days by my friends. I'm new to blogging. I love writing about Life, Love, Relationships and Marriage. I have a degree in Business Information Technology. I currently work as a Test Lead for a Software House. I'm married and I have a daughter. I often call her #MyYumYum


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  1. You had a nice experience in Nigeria. Sadly, I didn’t. I was in labour for 36 hours in that same hospital you had your daughter. They didn’t attend to me properly. Thank God, My baby came out alive sha.

    • Wow.. I haven’t seen anyone that such experience before. 36 hours of constant pain!!! You are a strong Woman. I’m glad your baby came out fine. Thanks for reading.

  2. Fade. Lovely write up n good labour experience. Had my kids at federal and state hospitals and it was a good experience. Had d best hands during labour. I was dilated both pregnancy, so it made my labour quick but the pain was intense….. It was btw heaven n earth mehn…….? Shout out to the newest mom to be..

    • I know that pain! Worst pain ever… But let’s thank God for safe delivery.
      Thanks for reading and sharing your story Aminat.

  3. I wonder why people say once you have the baby, you forget everything else…. that sh*t ain’t true! but I guess we can say it was worth it.

  4. Not all stories has a wonderful ending.. am glad your does…more testimonies to come…
    Always looking out for your write ups..kudos fade.

  5. Beautiful birth story Lush… Had to read tru each line carefully, God was really with you nd thank God for your mum (Grandma) lol, she stood by you…

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