7 Common Lies Women Tell



This is a sequel to the post 7 Common Lies Men Tell.  We know that women can be good liars too, sometimes even better than men. Women lie about the big and small stuff too, just as men do. Below are some of the lies women tell.

I’m 23 years old!

Lying about our age is one of the lies told most often by women.  This is because we are well aware of the fact that men tend to be attracted to younger women.  I once knew of a woman who was 35 and lied to her boyfriend that she was 28 years old.  That’s seven years off her real age. I kid you not!

I’ve been with only three guys.

Most women are not honest about the number of men we have slept with.  We do not want to be seen as sluts, so they lie when we are asked.  We also know that if they tell a man they have slept with more men than he is comfortable with, he will just want to have sex with us and leave. Some of us even say we are still virgin after having 3 kids… How?

Me? I don’t flirt with men.

Many women have guys they talk to and flirt with in the hopes that they can keep him as a backup just in case their relationship fails. I know a woman who had a guy she was leading on and encouraging to have feelings for her.  She had a fiancé she wasn’t so sure of and she did this little game at the instigation of her friends.

I don’t want your money.

Who is you kidding?  Even the most die-hard feminist still dreams of a man who will spoil her financially.  So when you meet a woman who tries to give you the impression that she is not interested in your money, Na lie! Don’t be deceived!  She may not ask you outright, but woe betide you if you don’t pick up the tab. She will sulk and hiss and may even leave you for a man who spoils her silly with money and gifts.

You can date other women if you want.

Only a woman who does not take you seriously would make such a statement. If you are  dating a woman and you think you can play the field and get away with it.  You still have scores to settle with her.

Yes, of course I came.

This is the biggest lie of the century! Many women, if not most don’t come via penetration alone.  Added to the fact that many men suffer from premature ejaculation, the lady was just there hoping the act would end so that she can get up and go. I’m sorry, Fellas but this is how it is!  If you ask her if she came, she is likely to say yes so as not to hurt your feelings.

I’m fine.

No, I’m not, can’t you see, you fool?  If you do something your woman does not like such as forgetting her birthday, and she responds by saying “I’m fine” you haven’t heard the last of it. So watch out!

These are some of the lies women tell men in order to feel good, protect themselves from perceived hurt or to soothe their man’s ego. Many of my female readers have used at least one of these lines before.  Don’t deny it!

Did I miss anything out? Please comment.

Xoxo… Lush

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