7 Common Lies Men Tell


Both sexes tell lies, we all know that. Little white lies, outrageous lies, compulsive lies… the list is endless. I once experienced a guy who told me so many lies that I called him out on them. I told him that he should be a writer because his talent at compulsive lying was amazing! He shouldn’t let it waste.
Back to the subject at hand… People tell lies for different reasons. A study by psychologist Bella M. DePaulo of the university of Virginia discovered that when women lie, they do so to make someone feel better, while men lie in order to massage their ego, to build themselves up or to hide something. Below are some of the lies men tell women we all need to know.
This ride and crib are all mine.
Many men lie about their financial status in order to impress a woman. They borrow their friend’s Lexus jeep and lie that it’s theirs. They arrange with a friend who is out of town to pose that the posh apartment belongs to them. Most of us have either watched this on TV or heard about such things.

I’m in love with your family!
Many men lie to the women in their lives in order to make them stay in love with them. They may pretend to like their family members, friends, children (if she has any), pets, clothing, taste in jewelry and so on. This is because women are not as cautious as they should be when they are being praised overzealously. Just as a quick check: does your man make any effort to spend quality time with the people he professes to like? If no, watch out! He might turn out to be a controlling guy who will want you to cut the people you truly value out of your life!

You’re the best I ever had!
This is a classic lie men tell their girlfriends and wives. Unfortunately, it places real limitations on the couple’s love life. Imagine a scenario whereby a man has been lying to his girlfriend that she is the best lover he ever had, how will he then open his mouth and tell her that her vagina is loose? If he had been honest enough to tell her what he thinks, his likes, dislikes and preferences, the couple would have a sizzling sex life by now.

I’m busy, babe…
We all know of this lie, the one a man tells when he is falling out of love with you. The best thing is to call the man out on this lie and ask him when he feels he will be less busy, so that both of you can work around his schedule. If he tells you he doesn’t know when he will be less busy, know that this is probably the end of the road for both of you. Like I once told someone who kept on telling me this pathetic excuse, even Barack Obama, as busy as he is makes out time for Michelle. Is he busier than the President? Mtcheew!

You look perfect in that dress, Honey.
This is an example of a white lie, a lie the man tells to avoid hurting your feelings. But it sets the woman up for a rude awakening by the time she realizes she has gained seven kg and none of her clothes fit anymore. It would be much better if the man had told the woman that that particular dress doesn’t look as good as the others do on her. This will give the lady the chance to think and realize that maybe she has gained a wee bit of weight.

I’ll marry you in a heartbeat.
Na wash o! The guy in question is still sampling you and might not even have marriage on his mind at all. Until he puts the ring on your finger, be a bit cynical and don’t take his word for it.

I can never lie to you, babe.
Never trust any guy who says, “I can never lie to you”, that’s a lie already. People lie, for many reasons, so when a guy says trust me or believe me, chances is that he is a liar.

So my Dears, these are some of the lies men tell women. Scan through the list very well, you might recognize one or more of such lies! Haha.

Did I miss any of their lies?

xoxo, Lush

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