5 reasons why celebrity marriages crash


Few days ago, news of the end of Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe-Gentry’s marriage to her husband of seven years, Lanre Gentry was all over the place.

Not only was I shocked by the news, the details regardless, I felt sad for the increasing rate of celebrity marriage crashes. It seems it has now become the norm for these popular personalities to get married, show off their beautiful marriages on social media and then before we say jack, everything explodes in all our faces.

When this happens, we begin to raise questions like “aren’t these people just humans like the rest of us?”, “why can’t they keep their homes and settle their issues before it becomes everybody’s problem?” OR “is there a curse that has been placed on celebrities as regards marriage?”. All questions that beg for answers I don’t think I’m able to provide.

As the answers to these questions elude me, I will maintain my ordinary Nigerian citizen stance and come up with five reasons I believe celebrity marriages end up in shambles. They’re all from my perspective as a novice in “celebrity matters” so you’re totally allowed to dispute them.

So let’s do this real quick:

1. The celebrity lifestyle: You’ll agree with me that the lifestyle of a celeb is goals. Beautiful to watch with all the perks, the fine things, the blings etc. But does it allow for commitment to a relationship/marriage? We doubt that. It’s worse if both partners are in the celebrity circle; then no one really has the time to look out for the other because they’re super busy tending to our (the audience) needs, busy putting up a show for our satisfaction and at the expense of their own relationship. I guess we all have an idea where this leads.

2. Maybe wrong partner?: Because of societal pressure amongst other things, celebrities tend to get with partners that are not right for them. Don’t even lie, some of you have seen celebrity wedding photos and told your friend seated next to you “I won’t be surprised if they break up”. And it’s not because you’re the type who predicts doom, it’s just glaring for all to see that the marriage was destined to crash from the get-go. This is mostly because you can tell that the partner is maybe the gold-digging type or you can read between the lines and the words ‘fake’, ‘forced’, ‘false’ are screaming at you.

3. The media: In President Donald Trump’s words, “fake news”. The media is forever peering into celebrity lives seeking dirty secrets and shocking revelations. The emphasised media attention is a classic menace these days. We’ve even seen situations where a non-existent scandal was cooked up against celebrities and it took ages to go away. Meanwhile, the individuals involved are left to deal with the issues created for them and in the process, things go awry. When such situation is badly handled, a crash is inevitable.

4. Lack of communication: This ruins relationships between ordinary people not to talk of people who are in the limelight. Couples are mostly unable to communicate effectively when their schedules are tight and their jobs demand so much of their time. This is a common problem that leads to the undoing of most relationships and marriages. Couples who find themselves in this situation are usually unable to communicate their fears, pain and whatever it is they feel per time to their partners. Once communication is strained and one person has to always run to a third-party for advice, comfort and the likes, then we know it’s time to say goodbye.

5.It was all a sham: How does one even explain this? So a celebrity knows his/her target partner will be good on any arm and will be great to walk the red carpet with. So they “employ” that person to render such services. Then paparazzi is definitely curious, they’ll have to report the following morning that Miss X was seen with a handsome hunk, Mr Y. And voila, Miss X is on the cover of every magazine. Fame multiplied! Mission accomplished!! But it’s only a matter of time before all of us who were fooled into believing it was real find out it was all a lie.

Written by Lush

I'm Faderera aka Lush. I've been called Lush since my Uni days by my friends. I'm new to blogging. I love writing about Life, Love, Relationships and Marriage. I have a degree in Business Information Technology. I currently work as a Test Lead for a Software House. I'm married and I have a daughter. I often call her #MyYumYum

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